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Nothing says “I should go to bed” like a comic where I puke on Prowl and then french him.

And yet I’m still not tired.

In fact I feel like I gotta wash the taste out of my mouth anyway.


How come whenever I try to look up things I like, it’s full of porn?

"Bumblebee", it’s a thing I like! I like me! Full of human female porn!

"Prowl"! He’s a mech I like! I miss him! Human female butts!

Cartoons, maybe! “Legend of Korra”! PORN! Not even porn of the female humans in the show! Unrelated female human porn! How can those things share a tag?!



Why am I not tired?!

Bother me anytime Bee~ <3

(sleepy night snuggle)

I’ve gotta SLEEEEP! Who do I bother for some lap cuddles?

(sleepy little yawn!)
(flops himself in with the babies for hugs)



*happy peeps*

*noms cookies*

(cranes his neck to try and eat a cookie)

Difference between irony and coincidence






Coincidence- You need a pilot for your plane and a pilot just so happens to need a piloting job

Irony- The pilot you hired has a fear of flying

it will forever baffle me that people still can’t grasp the difference

This is a part-time educational blog so people will no longer be confused

-I need a knife, and there is a WHOLE BUNCH OF CUTLERY
-They’re all spoons.

-I’m looking for love, and oh my god this guy is /the one/
-Oh look he’s married

-This man is terrified of planes, but here he is on a plane for the first time
-It crashes.

-I need to get home, and this bus home is offering free tickets!
-I already paid for one.

-Oh, wow. Someone told me how to deal with this situation just yesterday.
-I wasn’t listening.

- We need the definition of irony, and a person gives us examples without being asked
- The person plagiarizes the lyrics to the song “ironic” by Alanis Morrisette

- Triple Bonus Score: the song was notorious for not giving proper examples of irony.